Monday, March 22, 2021


Taking the time to be intentional about my writing during this challenge has been extremely difficult. I find that I am waiting until the last hour and there's not much left in the tank at that time of the night. If I try at other times during the day, it is to "get it done". I don' t want this to be about getting it done. I would like to have time without all the noise. I guess it's up to me to make that time.


  1. Rebecca, this year I am in the midst of a life move so I end up sliding into the finish line just before the stroke of midnight. I keep thinking I will do better with time but it is not happening. I continue to slice because I love to write.

  2. Dear Rebecca,

    You are not alone. I have found myself in a similar situation with what feels like increasingly weighty responsibilities. However, I push myself in between as much as I can to sometimes stay up a little later at night - so on a few days, I can make an "early morning post," i.e. after midnight. I'm always tickled (and appreciative) of the difference in the feedback.

    Instead of looking for all new pics, I often go through old ones and try to reflect on the sentiment that inspired the snapshot (which saves so much time)! It leads to the most endearing affections, some which have changed since the time when I took them long ago. It also helps to remove some of the gnawing get-it-doneness that would otherwise creep within.

    I enjoy the requisite commenting - because it helps me look into the window of other writers and see their hopes, borrow from their inspirations, laugh at their humorous moments and take consolation in knowing that I am not alone when I read their frustrations that mirror my own.

    It's hard to find moments when the noise is all gone (and I live with my husband and four very "energetic" boys)! But, even though I can't make all of my posts early, I try to get some in at a decent hour between when the pressure is gone and the passion ebbs and flows.

    It helps me to appreciate posts like this even more - because it reminded me of why I tried this again...because it grows me as a (reader and) writer.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your concerns and your apprehensions. I see myself in your writing and feel like I can push a bit harder because of the important points you've made. Thank You.

    Your Fellow Writer,

    ~Carla Michelle

  3. Finding time to write is hard. We also have are own rhythm for when it is best for us to write. This year I tried writing a day ahead then each morning I could reread and make corrections and post before my day got started. It seems to be working for me. When I have fallen off I try to write an extra post on the weekend so I am a bit ahead of my self. Remember post do not have to be long. A short note from you day also works. You have done a nice job of staying with it. Hang in there!

  4. I appreciate (and feel) the challenge you describe, and yet I also want to point out: Here you are, and here you've been, writing for 23 days straight. That's something! Side note: There's not much *making* of time that's within our power, but we sure can *steal* time from a different spot to contribute to this one :)

  5. I hear you! Somehow this year has been better for me. I am on the lookout for slices throughout the day. That has made it much easier to write whether it's early or late. Hope you made it the rest of the month!


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