Tuesday, April 6, 2021



Today, a friend from my past messaged me with a picture of my 8th grade class when we were on a trip to England. I printed it out and put it up for my 8th grade students to see. It was quite a challenge for most of them deciding who I was in the group but it led to a great discussion about the drama that takes place at this age no matter if it was in the 1980's or now in the 2020's. Girls still compete over boys and best friends betray each other for attention. Everyone looks like they feel uncomfortable having their picture taken. The cliques are strong until someone is outed and then you have no one to hang with. It was a great day of connection with my students.


  1. You couldn't make me go back to eighth grade if you tried! I bet your students see you in a different light today because you shared your teenaged self with them, too. Sometimes they forget that we didn't just appear on earth as adults.

    Thank you for this with us.

  2. What a great connection - and a blast from the past for you!

  3. That's an awesome way to connect with your students. I never did that enough when I was in the classroom. (Maybe because part of my teaching was spent in fifth grade and that's when, as a kid in the 80s, I was at an awkward stage with terrible 80s hair.) What a missed opportunity.


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