Friday, March 26, 2021

Enjoying a Break


What I am excited for during Spring Break is sleep. Ah that feels so boring and lame but I can't help it. Snoozing in bed until my body is ready to get up is blissful.

 My son has baseball games Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, so sitting out in the sunshine will be wonderful as well.

After that, I think I might rent a car, pack a bag and hit the road for a couple of days. Not sure what direction I'll head yet but the Grand Canyon has always been a place I'd like to experience. 

Maybe I'll go to the movies.

Or drive up to Tahoe and walk on the beach.

Read lots of books

Do some extended writing.

Knit a blanket for my niece.

Just be in the moment.


  1. SO many plans for the well deserved time off. I hope you accomplish many of your goals and find time to be in the moment and embrace life.

  2. "Just be in the moment." Always a wonderful thing. That's a lot of plans, enjoy your break

  3. Sounds like a host of excellent possibilities. Enjoy! And keep slicing for a few more days :)


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