Saturday, March 27, 2021

A Baby Calf


Traveling the back roads home, you will see all kinds of farm animals - horses, cows, alpacas, pigs, donkeys, a variety of goats, ducks, swans, and geese. Sometimes I drive this route a few times a day and today was one of them. 

The first time I passed the large field of cows, I noticed one close to the fence near the road while the rest of the herd was further out. It looked like it was not doing well. I don't know exactly what was wrong but its back was somewhat arched, head facing straight ahead and eyes glossy. It was only for a few seconds that I focused on the bovine but you could tell something was off.

A few hours later, when I passed the spot again, there was the same cow with her newborn calf. I did a double take and almost stopped but there was another car behind me. What a sight!


  1. So fun to come across the new born! I wondered as I read your description of the cow - it is spring and I figured she must be ready to give birth. Exciting!

  2. How about that! Your double take sounds deserved, based on this perfectly slice-able moment.


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