Saturday, March 20, 2021

Over a Year Ago


There is one roll of toilet paper left in the house and the roll is running low. I think the last time this happened was over a year ago. 

Over a year ago

I traveled 

I didn't wear a mask "ever"

The only safety precautions we had at school were - 

to wash our hands and sneeze in the crook of our arms

I hugged and accepted hugs from everybody

I saw my mom

We didn't have to worry about being around others -

to get them sick or to get sick

Schools functioned in a total different way

Kids weren't isolated

There was less fear in the world


  1. What a poignant post. I've been feeling sad today, and I think it's because today is the one-year anniversary of New York State's "pause" aka lockdown. It's hard to believe we're about to start a second year of fighting off this illness and its variants, but those of us who are older or have health conditions that put us at greater risk will do whatever we have to, to not die from it.

  2. Such a crazy hard year. And you have captured it perfectly. I so miss being able to hug- especially my mom and my kids at school!

  3. Your observations hit home, as I (and many others) have felt the changes you describe. School functions are one notable error of pandemic-influenced adjustment. I wonder, though: How many and which kids also felt isolation pre-Covid? What didn't we know or pay attention to then that we might learn from now?

  4. Quick lines tell us so much with so few words! A big year of changes. I do wonder what things will look like a year from now!?


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