Sunday, March 28, 2021

I Dodged a Bullet


Do you know there are people in this world who only eat when they are hungry? And that they only eat foods that are healthy for their body? And when they do eat a treat, it's a suitable portion instead of the whole freaking thing?!? Why am I not one of those people? Why doesn't my brain work like that?

I LOVE food but if I never had to eat in order to survive, I wouldn't put a bite in my mouth. I don't know who out there is going to understand this but it is true. If I don't ever have to start, stopping wouldn't be a problem. 

You know those famous chocolate peanut butter eggs that come out every Easter  - they come in a pack of six. Well, everyone knows how much I love them and I keep getting them as gifts. This year I am choosing not to eat any because I know that if I attempt at opening a package for just one, I can't guarantee that I won't eat half the package in one sitting. 

When I went in the house after work on Friday, I left all the sweet treats I got as gifts, in a plastic bag in the truck and the warmth of the sun melted everything into one gooey mess. I guess this is one problem solved.


  1. I love your opening paragraph. It is so relatable! You are having a dialogue with the reader.
    You definitely dodged a bullet : )

  2. Oh noooo! I'm sorry for the loss of your peanut butter eggs!! I'm also not the people you describe in the first paragraph!

  3. Good idea to leave the where they can melt. I try to give gifts that I should not eat away very quickly. It is the only way - to not have it in the house. If it is here I will eat it. Congrats for Dodging that bullit!

  4. Problem solved -- though, perhaps, new problem created in the form of a gooey mess? As for those people your first paragraph describes, I have yet to meet any of them :)


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